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Our knee joints have to deal with a lot of pressure while working on your knees. This can lead to serious injuries of the knee joint and the knee ligaments.

HoVo’s WOHLPRO knee protectors can prevent these injuries. The starting point for the development of these knee protectors was to overcome the weaknesses of the existing kneepads. We especially focused on the attachment and reducing the pressure on the ligaments and the knee joint. The WOHLPRO knee protector solves these problems and provides more benefits.

How to use

The WOHLPRO knee protectors can be strapped tight at the back of the knee with Velcro straps, or easily attached to your work clothing. The knee protectors are made of light weight material which ensures a comfortable fit and makes walking easier.


The WOHLPRO knee protectors are made of a specially developed material. A polyurethane integral foam system, which is 100% CFC-free processed.The foaming process of the polyurethane results in a smooth, wear-resistant and waterproof surface.

The smooth surface complicates the adhesion of dirt, mortar or glue and makes the knee protectors easy to clean. The polyurethane material is elastic, shock absorbing, bouncy and adapts to the shape of your knees.


Unlike many other knee protection the contact surface is large (about 100 cm²) and formed flat. This contributes to a good balance, and leaves no marks on the surface. A body weight of 75 kg is converted into a pressure of less than 1 kilogram per square centimeter.

Normal protectors with round surfaces often lead to a hundred-fold impact on the joints.

Due to the construction of the knee protector as pivot resilient element the legs can move along with rotational movements of the upper body.

As a result, the pressure on the meniscus that is normally caused by the movement of the body is reduced.

This product is developed in close collaboration with the commission „personal protective equipment“ of the cooperativeunions of de leather industry.

Recommended by medical labor inspection for the construction industry and recorded under no. 655 of the "Federal Institute for Occupational Safety" in Dortmund.

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