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HoVo offers high quality shoes made of carefully selected materials.

If you need some extra information about the used materials please check the list below.

Air clima comfort (insole)

A special shock absorbing, comfortable and breathing system.


Air-Mesh is a special breathable textile.


Safety Shoes with aluminum toe caps offer the protection you need and are light weight.

Amicor (lining)

Amicor fibers are antibacterial and mostly part of the lining.


Birko-flor® is skin friendly and sturdy leatherette which is easy to maintain and clean.

BioCeramic (lining)

BioCeramic is a special winter lining for extreme cold work environments.

Cambrelle (lining)

The complex technology and structure makes Cambrelle® unique.

Cambrelle® offers:


Abrasion resistance

Moisture management through

Bi-component fibers for a




Lining that goes the

Extra mile

The bi-component fibers in Cambrelle® make the lining adjust to the movement of your feet constantly. Tiny air pockets
help circulate air and they make the lining shock absorbing. This helps to create a constant, comfortable micro-climate for your feet.

Cambrelle ® not only keeps your feet cool, dry and comfortable, it also protects your shoes and the leather.


A composite toe cap is half the weight of a steel toe cap. The material is elastic and always returns to its original shape after impact. The material conducts no electricity and is not magnetic. The temperature stays neutral.

CoolmaX (insole)

CoolmaX insoles are soft, extreme breathing and they ensure an optimal foot climate. CoolmaX helps your feet stay cool and dry.

Cork (foot bed)

Cork is a comfortable and natural material. The foot beds are light weight, slightly resilient and durable.


Cotton is a natural breathing and absorbing material.

Drilex (lining)

Drilex is a Multi-zone moisture transporting lining. With a 100% Hydrofil nylon upper which keeps your feet dry, cool and comfortable.

Duo-Soft (sole)

Duo-Soft is a PU/Nitril profile sole. The material is heat resistant and cut proof.

Ergo-Tex (lining)

Ergo-Tex is an innovative climate system with excellent qualities. The material keeps its color, is skin friendly and scratch resistant. The lining is breathing and comfortable.

EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate)

EVA is a soft, flexible but very tough, UV- and weather resistant, isolating, light weight and durable material. This makes EVA a more effective and durable material than PVC and rubber.


A fleece lining ensures extra warmth and comfort.


A fusstatic insole is absorbing, antibacterial and hygienic.

Fur (lining)

Some shoes in our collection are (faux) fur lined. This helps keeping your feet warm in extreme cold conditions.

Geox system

The unique Geox system keeps your shoes waterproof and breathing.

Gore-tex (lining)

Gore-tex is a multiple layered system that keeps your shoes waterproof and breathing.


Kevlar is a strong material made of fibers with a special structure. Our safety shoes are equipped with Kevlar toe caps, penetration resistant midsoles and stitching.

Klima-comfort (insole)

A Klima-comfort insole ensures comfort and support. The material is breathing, absorbing, and antistatic.

Latex (insole)

Latex is a firm and durable material which offers support and shape.


Many of our shoes are made of the highest quality leather. This means you get an optimal fit and the comfort you are looking for. Leather is a flexible and strong natural material which is easy to clean and maintain.


Lorica is a specially designed fabric that looks like leather. It's made of synthetic microfibers that make the shoes light weight, breathing, waterproof and flexible. Lorica is known for its wearing comfort and soft feel.

MPU (sole)

MPU is a specially developed sole technology to make the shoe non-slip on slippery, greasy and dirty floors. The material is also shock absorbing and light weight.


Neoprene is a synthetic rubber used for lining, shafts of boots and waders. It's a soft and flexible material which also offers support. Neoprene is waterproof and helps regulating temperature.


Nitrile is being used in soles, mostly combined with PU. It makes the sole firm and durable. Soles with nitrile are heat resistant and extreme non-slip.

On Steam (lining)

On steam is a new breathing high-tech microfiber lining which can absorb 8x its own weight in water. On steam ensures maximum comfort and dry feet.

On Steam's benefits:



-Neutralizes odor

-Temperature regulating

-Anti allergic

-Produced CO2 neutral

Outdry membrane

The Outdry system is waterproof and breathing. Steam will quickly leave the shoe while water will stay outside.


The plastic that is used in our shoes is high quality. It is used for buckles, laces, toe protection etc.

Politex (lining)

Politex lining is absorbing and quick drying.

Poliyou-air (insole)

Poliyou-air insoles are made of a special air injected material. They will not only keep your feet fresh and dry, they are also antibacterial, shock absorbing and odor absorbing.

Polyester (lining)

Polyester is light weight and very strong. It doesn't shrinks, wrinkles or stretches. The fabric is weather resistant, washable and quick dry. Another great advantage of this lining is that no dirt or hair sticks to the fabric.

Poron® XRD™ (insole)

PORON® XRD® Extreme Impact Protection is made of soft and flexible material. The XRD Technology is a light weight, thin and breathing material that is designed to be extreme shock absorbing.

PPS system

The PPS system reduces pressure and is shock absorbing.

PU (Poly Urethane)

PU is a popular material with many good qualities It's being used to make soles non-slip or to toughen leather. We also offer many PU clogs that are convenient and easy to clean.

Pull-up leather

Pull-up leather is special greased leather with antique look.

PUR foam

PUR foam helps making soles non-slip.


HoVo offers a variety of boots and waders made of PVC. PVC is a strong and slightly elastic material that keeps you dry even in the most extreme conditions.


Rubber is being used to make soles non-slip. HoVo also offers (natural) rubber boots.

Sienna High2out membrane

This membrane by Sympatex ensures optimal ventilation. Liquids evaporate quickly and your feet stay dry and cool.

Silver point (lining)

Silverpoint lining is absorbing and antibacterial. The silver ions within the lining ensure an extraordinary odor control.

Soft foot bed

Birkenstock's multiple layered foot bed is high quality. The bottom layer (sole) is shock absorbing, then a layer of fine jute, on top of that the cork foot bed and soft leather upper. The soft-foot bed includes an extra layer of soft foam between the cork foot bed and the leather upper for extra comfort.

SoftBase (sole)

Birkenstock's SoftBase sole includes an extra layer between the sole and foot bed to compensate unevenness and hard surface.


Steel is a strong material suitable for protection in shoes. Our shoes are equipped with steel toe caps or penetration resistant steel midsoles.


Suede leather is rough and makes the shoes look sturdy. This material needs more care than smooth leather.


Textile is a breathing, absorbing material which increases comfort.

Textile (midsole)

If you need safety shoes with penetration resistant midsoles but it has to be metal free, you can choose a pair with textile midsoles. These midsoles are made of multiple layers bonded fabric.

Thinsulate (lining)

Thinsulate lining is thin, light weight and it keeps your feet warm while the moisture dissipates. The fabric is made of extremely thin isolating fibers.

TPU (sole)

TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) is a harder type of PU. TPU soles are extra durable and leave no marks on the floor.

Trilex (lining)

Trilex lining is comfortable and absorbing.


Shoes and clogs with a wooden sole are sturdy and firm.


Wool helps your feet stay warm. Some of our boots are wool lined and we also offer Birkenstock shoes with wool (felt) upper.

X-MAX (Foot bed)

An X-MAX foot bed is ergonomically shaped and antistatic. The material is also breathing and antibacterial.

3D-dry (lining)

Sievi developed a special 3D-dry lining which moves the moisture from your feet to the second layer of the lining. From there it leaves the shoe through the upper material. Your feet stay comfortable and dry.